Kacper captured the course of the flood from May 19th until the end of June by flying a paraglider over the 100 km of the water’s path. The result is a thrilling exhibition of the scale of devastation, a dramatic picture of the catastrophe from the bird’s eye view. The aerial photographs show this cataclysmic event from a prohibitively inaccessible perspective, giving the viewer a glimpse into details normally absent from high altitude photography: for example, facial expressions marking the human reaction to the flood.

In May and June, these photographs inundated the Polish press. Now, the most interesting pictures are presented for the first time in large formats of 1 x 1,5 m on the old Market Square in Sandomierz.

The city is worth visiting not just for the exhibition, but for the numerous monuments that adorn its hills – all of which remained untouched by the flood. Indeed, a large part of Sandomierz’s revenue has historically come from tourism.